Moguan New/Social Media Advertising Co.,Ltd was established in 2015. It provides both traditional and digital media platform products and services, including graphic design, VI design, video shooting, new media services, website building etc. The company also provides consultancy to customers in terms of innovative strategies and product positioning. Our customers include both domestic and overseas companies, such as ABB Group, ENN Energy, Yankai Energy, U.S. Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) Products, Tourism Toronto, Historic Chinese restaurant Dong Lai Shun and Sina Media.



Bingofeng graduated fromThe Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, Many awards have been won in China, and many works have been selected into the “IAI annual”; Awarded by Advertising Pointer for the 2005 “China’s most influential new creative director”; “China4A Interactive” Gold Award in 2007 and 2008; Silver award of the 5th “China Interactive Online Advertising” and Most Abundant Media Award; 1 gold award and 2 bronze awards of the 6th “China Interactive Online Advertising” in 2008; In 2009, he was invited to an exclusive interview with the authoritative media in the industry, MarsCG E-Magazine; The 3rd Golden Award for Business Innovation Award in 2010; In 2011, as an industry guest, he was invited to participate in the “6th Iresearch Summitforum discussion; 2012 China Great Wall Awards – Interactive Creative Awards Judge.



Address: Room 239, Block A, Longyuan Cultural, Huihen Street, Chaoyang District , Beijing, China.
Email : fengxbing@bjmoguan.com